We are excited to announce the launch of a new project, funded by the Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity and in partnership with Argonne National Laboratory. The project will develop and demonstrate next generation grid edge flexibility solutions, building on years of prior research and development in distributed energy resource management and microgrids.

The new project, entitled “Beyond DERMS: Demonstrating a holistic platform for the integrated operation and planning of future distribution systems,” will build on microgrid and distributed energy resource (DER) coordination technology to demonstrate how aggregated groups of DERs can provide a wide range of valuable real-time and adaptive grid services. Specifically, the project will demonstrate how aggregated DERs can intelligently transition among different services, such as resilience, peak reduction, energy arbitrage, and distribution constraint management.

Phase 1 of this project will focus on developing a data aggregation and simulation platform that will help electric utilities to transform data that already exist in their AMI, SCADA, GIS, and grid planning systems into better planning and operations decisions.

The new technology that results from this project will extend beyond functions commonly found in Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Virtual Power Plant (VPP) operations and distribution network modeling software, and microgrid management systems to build a whole new holistic approach to distribution utility planning and operations.

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