Electric utilities are using our virtual battery solutions to create the grid of the future.

Here are some of their stories.


As the world’s first 100% renewable utility, Burlington Electric Department (BED) partnered with Packetized Energy in 2016 to pilot virtual battery technology. The initial project deployed Mello smart water heater thermostats in BED service area to connect to our Nimble virtual battery software for peak management and price arbitrage. Following this successful pilot, Packetized Energy and BED are partnering for Phase 2, a multi-year contract to expand the deployment in size and scope.

In Phase 2, the project team will increase enrollment in the smart electric water heating program, deploy a smart electric vehicle charging program, and demonstrate bidirectional virtual battery operations with distributed battery storage coordinated seamlessly with our Nimble software.  

By scaling up the size of deployment and the range of device types included in the virtual battery, BED anticipates reducing energy costs and building out the technology needed to facilitate a transition to a distributed and renewable energy future.


Green Mountain Power (GMP) is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative electric utilities. Partnering with Packetized Energy since 2017, GMP is deploying Mello smart water heater thermostats and coordinating them with our Nimble™ virtual battery software.

Our Nimble software enables GMP to reduce peak energy demand, perform short-term price arbitrage, conduct real-time balancing (frequency regulation), and manage distribution network constraints. Using the fine-grained, real-time control that our solutions provide, GMP is advancing toward its goals of driving down costs and dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

Our solutions fit well with the range of smart energy technologies GMP offers its customers to let them control their energy usage and comfort while helping all its customers save money.


Vermont Electric Co-op (VEC) is a member-owned electric distribution utility serving over 30,000 members throughout rural northern Vermont. VEC partnered with Packetized Energy to build a virtual battery using Nimble software to coordinate several hundred Mello™ smart electric water heater thermostats, reducing system costs and while maintaining excellent quality of service for all members. 

Our Nimble software enables VEC to manage its virtual battery of electric water heaters to reduce peak load and conduct energy price arbitrage using fine-grained, real-time control. In addition, Packetized Energy provides VEC valuable insight into the changing distributed energy landscape. As this project continues, Packetized Energy and VEC will build out the virtual battery to include additional smart energy devices such as battery storage and electric vehicle chargers. VEC will be able to use Nimble software for real-time load balancing (e.g., frequency regulation) and distribution network constraint management.


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