We at Packetized Energy stand firmly against racism and in support of the Black community.  We are horrified by the unjust killing of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Manuel Ellis and far, far too many others.

We acknowledge the importance of taking time to reflect on the moment: the silence due in remembrance of these lost lives; the justifiable outrage at how this moment came to be; and the work that we all must do to make sure that this never happens again.

We also know that physical violence against communities of color is but one of many ways that communities of color are kept marginalized. Racism is both an inextricable part of the climate crisis and a malign force in our cleantech industry that is working to avert that crisis. The problems include industry hiring practices, the lack of voice for people of color on corporate and nonprofit boards and industry panels, and the very real disparate impacts that many climate policies and technologies impose on communities of color.

We, like the rest of our industry, have a long way to go to embrace diversity and inclusion and to make the fight against climate change a fight for all affected by climate change. Here are some concrete steps we are taking to improve.

  1. We are working to improve our hiring practices to ensure that we reach as broad an audience as possible, and will not include artificial barriers to entry such as narrowly-defined degree requirements. This includes an explicit focus on building a more diverse team of leaders and advisors, and dedicated time to training on inclusive hiring and team support practices.
  2. We are encouraging all of our employees to vote, to speak out against racism and for social justice, to become more involved in their communities, and to encourage others to do the same. We are encouraging our team to support broad participation in their communities and in the political process and to support ongoing efforts to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion, including paid time off to participate in related activities.
  3. We will work to enable energy projects that support affordable energy access for all people looking forward, and will aim to prioritize projects that improve clean energy access in diverse and disadvantaged communities.
  4. We will support others in cleantech who are also committed to these same ideas. Our friends at Arcadia have compiled an impressive list of ideas.

We recognize that the list above is only a starting point. We will continue to work to improve. We welcome input from all who want to work with us as we work to enable a better future for all.

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