Our founders developed patented solutions based on research at the University of Vermont in the fields of power systems and communication networks.  

Fundamentally, they were curious about whether some of the problems facing the aging electric grid could be solved using approaches that enable communication networks like the Internet. The US Department of Energy’s ARPA-E program selected and funded their approach with $2 million as one of the most promising new technologies to dramatically transform the electricity grid of the future.

In order to bring their cutting-edge solutions to market, they incorporated Packetized Energy in 2016 and continue to innovate technologies to smooth the transition to a renewable energy future.


Our mission is to provide the most effective, affordable and user friendly solutions to enable electricity supply and demand to balance on the grid in real-time. We serve the electric utility industry and its customers with our software and connected hardware, and provide solutions that turn residential and small commercial distributed energy resources into virtual batteries. With these solutions, we unlock existing grid resources to provide energy that is clean, affordable, and easy to use.


We believe that energy in the future should be clean, affordable, and easy to use. Our company was founded to enable the energy flexibility essential for a clean energy future.

Clean: We want to live in a world that makes smart choices about our energy sources, preserving our planet for future generations. We want people, regardless of where they live, to have the ability to choose clean energy sources to meet their energy needs, including for heating and transportation.

Affordable: We want to enable people to access energy as cheaply as possible and shield them from high prices caused by avoidable market fluctuations.

Easy to Use: We want to empower utilities to manage the grid of the future without complicated energy management schemes. We want to empower customers to make smart energy choices without the burden of ongoing usage decisions.


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