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Our Nimble platform is designed so that utility operators can ‘set it and forget it,’ even with massive fleets of distributed energy resources, without the need to monitor or control individual devices.

EASY TO USE: Because devices, not utility operators, make real-time decisions on energy usage, utilities can easily set fleet-level parameters that enable the virtual battery to solve grid and market problems. This also ensures high electricity customer satisfaction.

SCALABLE: Our Nimble platform enables affordable coordination for millions of energy devices. Unlike other solutions, we can add millions of devices of various types without increasing complexity. This keeps costs low and eliminates complications.

CUTTING-EDGE:  Our solutions provide greater value than conventional demand response programs and pave the way for new approaches.

AFFORDABLE: Our platform enables utilities to benefit from ancillary services, price arbitrage, grid management, and renewable power smoothing at half the cost of conventional grid-scale battery solutions.

PRIVATE AND SECURE: Utilities do not need to collect or be responsible for detailed customer electricity usage information.

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Our software coordinates the energy usage of devices such as HVAC systems and electric vehicle chargers in homes and businesses. By purchasing and installing a connected device or by enrolling in a utility-sponsored program, electricity customers can benefit from clean, affordable, and easy to use energy.

EASY TO USE: Once purchased or installed, our devices give customers greater control over their energy usage. Customers can set performance requirements like temperature on the device itself or using our Nimble App. Once they’ve set it, they can forget it; the device will manage the settings without any further action from the customer. 

PRIVATE AND SECURE: Unlike some programs, our solutions do not rely on customer data to develop models of energy usage, so individual data stays private. 

HIGH QUALITY OF SERVICE:  Customers set their devices to meet their needs, and then the device ensures that they get what they need without having to constantly adjust settings.

FINANCIAL DIVIDENDS: Utilities provide financial compensation to customers for allowing their connected devices to help solve real-world grid problems and pave the way for a clean energy future.

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Wind and solar are the fastest growing sources of electricity worldwide, but a future where most or all of our energy comes from clean sources requires effectively integrating it into the grid. Such variable supply must be matched with equally flexible demand in ways that don’t require lots of additional investment. Our solutions enable distributed resources across the grid to pave the way for a clean energy future that we all want.

BENEFICIAL ELECTRIFICATION: Many electric utilities are expanding programs that move customers from using fossil fuel energy sources to using electricity from clean sources. Our solutions support beneficial electrification by making this transition affordable, avoiding increased peak load costs, and using new flexible electric devices to balance the grid.


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