Packetized Energy is very excited to announce that we are now OpenADR 2.0b certified! This is just the first of what we expect will be several different communications standards supported within our NimbleTM software platform.

OpenADR (Automated Demand Response) is a communications standard that specifies how to format data about demand response signals sent from a utility to a distributed energy asset (e.g., an interruptible commercial load, a backup generator, or an aggregated group of water heaters). Motivated by the need for non-conventional power supply capacity in the wake of California’s 2000-2001 electricity crisis, a team of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab designed and launched OpenADR 1.0 in 2009. OpenADR allows utilities to send peak demand signals (e.g., a request to shed load or price information) to a wide range of different grid-edge devices so that they can respond during peak load periods. It has the advantage of allowing utilities to communicate with a wide range of different device types with software from different vendors with a single message format.

While open standards like OpenADR have enormous advantages for the electricity industry, one challenge is that most assume a conventional model for demand response, in which the grid operator sends commands to devices to tell them what to do. Packetized Energy’s Nimble software platform works the other way around. Packetized devices tell us when they need energy and we respond to those requests based on the conditions in the grid.

This has a number of important advantages in terms of scalability, performance, simplicity and consumer comfort. One of the biggest advantages of this approach is that an aggregated group of devices can act like a unified, fully dispatchable energy storage resource. And energy storage assets fit quite well with the OpenADR model. In our system, we receive OpenADR commands from our utility partners, and then use those commands to adjust how our software response to requests from devices. As a result, the aggregated asset is truly Nimble, and Packetized Virtual Batteries fit well with other assets that are OpenADR compliant.

As states like California move to adopt the OpenADR standard, our solutions will be on the leading edge. At Packetized Energy, we’re committed to software that is not only easy to use, but scalable and interoperable.

For more on OpenADR, visit the OpenADR Alliance.

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