We’re always looking for motivated and creative problem solvers to join our team. 

PACKETIZED ENERGY IS Headquartered in beautiful Burlington, Vermont

Packetized Energy makes electricity flexible with virtual battery software for the electricity industry so energy can be clean, affordable, and easy to use. Our Nimble software platform aggregates fleets of residential and small commercial smart devices such as water heaters, HVAC systems, electric vehicle chargers, solar inverters, and distributed batteries into fully dispatchable flexible energy resources.

Our next generation solutions enable people and their devices to get the energy they need while solving grid problems that emerge with large scale renewable energy integration in real-time.

Burlington, Vermont is consistently listed as one of the best places to live in America. Vermont has an increasingly vibrant technology sector with a major research university, an IBM/Global Foundries plant, and numerous technology startups. Burlington is located on Lake Champlain and near the Green Mountains, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. Burlington is located 2 hours from Montreal and 3.5 hours from Boston, providing access to cultural opportunities.




Our Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) is expected to have a successful background of scaling revenues into the hundreds of millions, building lasting relationships with utilities, device manufacturers, and supply chain actors, and building and managing sales teams. We expect our CRO to have full understanding of SaaS-based cross-channel marketing and the programmatic space. We seek an individual with demonstrated success in delivering rapid revenue growth. In the new world of media and technology, the successful CRO will have deep knowledge of cross-channel marketing, native advertising, programmatic, and the latest trends in digital advertising.

Understanding how to establish and maintain excellent relationships with C-level executives of key target clients and channel partners is tougher than ever, but just as important. Expertise of growing, training, and managing a national sales team, including developing sales strategies and matrixes for analyzing sales performance, is essential for our CRO to be seen as our business development leader.

The CRO should expect to participate actively in strategic and business unit planning to develop reasonable and thorough revenue projections for annual budgets and multi-year projections. They will participate actively in contract negotiations.

The CRO role requires strong financial analytical, modeling, writing, PC and software skills. Our CRO will be called on to “evangelize the company,” through participation in key industry events. The CRO will be expected to find any and every go-to-market opportunity that provides leverage within the context of our company’s strategy. Metrics and analysis and data benchmarks are vital skills. This job needs to test demand generation, selling, growth hacking, etc. to measure success and failure, and as a leader to know when, where and how to “double-down.”

A minimum of at least five years of direct sales experience is required.


  • Create a standardized outreach for current and future clients and coordinate its implementation across sales channels, client management, and marketing and communications
  • Develop growth strategies with the executive team and board of directors
  • Create accountability within the company by developing appropriate metrics and coordinating compensation and promotions with these metrics
  • Prospect and close relationships with key target clients
  • Monitor the revenue pipeline and leads, adjusting as necessary to create sustainable growth
  • Establish both short-term results and long-term strategy, including revenue forecasting
  • Monitor the strategies and processes across the revenue cycle from customer acquisition to engagement to success
  • Fill management gaps by building and training individuals and teams in Sales and Account Management
  • Develop and implement robust sales management processes – pipeline, account planning, and proposals
  • Oversee all Channel/Partner Development — adding new sales channels and 3rd party resellers and partners
  • Drive a “lean startup” style environment of constant experimentation and learning
  • Leverage customer research (quantity and quality) to provide strategic leadership for brand architecture and positioning

Attributes & skills:

  • Self-starter – able to execute and implement change
  • Passion – for the company’s mission
  • Highly energetic personality – a motivator
  • Critical thinker – strategic and highly analytical
  • Leadership – easily moves others to action by planning, motivating, organizing and controlling work being done
  • Goal oriented – naturally motivated to reach goals
  • Interpersonal/Communication skills – an innate ability to channel different points of view; Able to establish and maintain excellent relationships and credibility quickly; Able to create a team atmosphere with internal staff while achieving key objectives; Excellent consulting skills as well as technical writing and public speaking
  • Maturity – provide a good balance of risk taking and judgment; Is aggressive and confident; Able to operate independently of a large staff
  • Professional – unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character; has demonstrated high moral and ethical behavior

Our preference is to identify a candidate that is comfortable basing operations from our headquarters in Burlington, VT. Substantial travel is likely to be necessary for the successful candidate. Occasional moderate lifting (30 – 50 pounds) may be necessary as part of the sales process. The successful candidate will receive a competitive compensation package including salary, bonus, stock options, and benefits.

Packetized Energy is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a diverse team. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.



At Packetized Energy, we are committed to the following core principles:

  • Creating a clean energy future
  • Being human-friendly
  • Building awesome products that people love

Packetized Energy values diversity and inclusion and we encourage applicants from groups underrepresented in the tech industry. You will be joining a dynamic team that will allow you to have a significant impact from Day 1. Within the first week you will be working on our single page app and the serverless architecture that makes up our AWS backend. We are looking for team members who share our vision and can add value along the following:

Desired qualifications (recognizing no candidate has all of these):

  • Passion for a clean energy future!
  • Highly motivated to work in a fast-paced growth-oriented startup
  • Demonstrated effective team working skills
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience with test first development, TDD or BDD
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience developing single page applications, preferably with React & Redux
  • An eye for design and knowledge of modern CSS
  • Experience with AWS: IoT, IAM, data persistence, and serverless environments
  • Experience with continuous integration/deployment in an agile environment
  • Experience working with large data sets and machine learning techniques

Note that we are open to highly motivated but less senior applicants who have a subset of the above qualifications. For the right candidate, this position could be remote, with a preference for people located in Burlington, VT or Boston, MA. A competitive salary, equity and benefits package will be available, with the precise details to depend upon experience.




The embedded systems engineer will principally be responsible for designing, implementing and validating firmware for distributed energy resource (DER) control devices designed by Packetized Energy. In addition, the firmware engineer will contribute to designing, implementing and validating software interfaces between Packetized Energy’s software and third-party DER controllers, such as thermostats, heat pumps, EV charging systems, and battery storage systems.

Required qualifications:

  • Enthusiastic about working in a dynamic startup environment that is focused on solving clean energy problems
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, computer science or a related field
  • Practical experience implementing high quality firmware in C/C++

Desired qualifications include:

  • At least 2 years of industry experience writing embedded software (firmware)
  • Familiarity with Amazon Web Services IoT solutions, including serverless technology (e.g., AWS Lambda)
  • Familiarity with the MQTT communications protocol
  • JavaScript experience
  • Familiarity with data manipulation in python
  • Familiarity with the electric energy systems
  • Understanding of common communication protocols (UART, SPI, I2C, etc.)
  • Familiarity with hardware test equipment including multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, logic analyzers
  • Familiarity with Mongoose OS

The successful candidate will receive a competitive compensation package including salary, stock options, and benefits. Packetized Energy is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a diverse team. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.




The data scientist will principally be responsible for using data generated by distributed energy resources and/or simulated resources to improve Packetized Energy’s software platform to generate more value for our electricity industry customers and end use consumers.

Required qualifications:

  • Enthusiastic about working in a dynamic startup environment that is focused on solving clean energy problems
  • Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, engineering, computer science or a related field
  • Practical experience in transforming large data sets into valuable insight

Desired qualifications include:

  • Experience building python notebooks that interact with large datasets
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Experience with Machine Learning tools, such as multiple regression, symbolic regression, neural networks, compressive sensing (LASSO)
  • Experience solving optimization problems with mathematical programming tools such as GAMS, Julia/JuMP, Gurobi, Ipopt
  • Experience building useful visualization tools from large datasets
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services

The successful candidate will receive a competitive compensation package including salary, stock options, and benefits. Packetized Energy is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to building a diverse team. All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply.


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