We are excited to announce that Co-founder and current Chief Technology Officer, Paul Hines, will be taking over as our CEO on September 1st! Paul’s passion to solve the world’s energy problems is contagious, and the Packetized Energy team is ready to transition into a new period of rapid growth, providing even more value to our existing customers and expanding our Nimble virtual battery platform into new markets.

Current CEO Scott Johnstone will transition to join our Board of Advisors where he will continue to closely support our growth. We deeply appreciate Scott’s leadership over the past couple of years and anticipate great new adventures for him. “Packetized Energy’s solutions and business model are truly transformative and will enable our electric grid to meet the challenges of climate change,” says Scott. ”With many growth opportunities ahead, I’m looking forward to staying involved and seeing Paul and the Packetized Energy team move quickly to scale up.”

Paul brings a career of experience in the electricity industry to his new role as CEO, including prior work at an energy software firm (Alstom ESCA), at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and leading research on future electric energy systems at the University of Vermont. In his University of Vermont role, he co-invented Packetized Energy’s core algorithms, which enable its uniquely scalable solutions. His collaborations with industry leaders around the world provide a network of partners to rapidly deploy Packetized Energy’s virtual battery solution. 

Previously serving as the company’s CTO, Paul has a clear vision of the changing needs in the electricity industry, of the unique capabilities of Packetized Energy’s solutions, and the network and momentum to move the company into the next phase of rapid growth. Paul says, “In the past 3 years Packetized Energy has built the foundation for a transformational and innovative platform for flexible distributed energy systems and has gained significant industry traction. Scott’s leadership has been instrumental in laying this foundation. I am thrilled to now lead the company into the growth phase of partnerships, revenue, and progress toward a clean energy future.”

With Paul as CEO, Co-founders Mads Almassalkhi and Jeff Frolik will continue to play key leadership roles. Mads will serve as Senior Strategy Advisor, leading ongoing research and development work with ARPA-E and helping forge new technology partnerships. Jeff will serve as Senior Technology Advisor, assisting in the development of new, innovative algorithms for our Nimble software platform and providing logistical support.